Burhan Deniz Abdi

Forever with NPM

Forever NPM module So you've heard of the Forever NPM module right? Its a very simple node module that makes sure your NodeJS script runs.....forever! Check it out here. Normal use case Most of you will be familiar with the notion of starting your NodeJS applications via; $node start…

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Apache fun with Docker

Intro Hi all, in this post I will show you an example of how you can use Docker to deliver a simple Apache http server for your website or application. I plan to make another posts that builds on top of this for a more advance use case. So first…

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Hello World!

So this is my first blog in Ghost. Must admit, I'm liking how easy it is to get up and running! So firstly a little bit about me. I started this blog as a place to store and share my ideas and experiences I encounter as a student in the…

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